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Malaysian stamps

The history of Malaysian stamps is rather extensive, since the modern country is comprised of several areas that at one time issued their own stamps. Additionally, there were several colonial issues and occupation stamps available to the keen collector. Malay stamps can be (very) roughly divided into two groups: those of peninsular Malaysia (between Thailand and Singapore) and those of the island of Borneo, which Malaysia shares with Indonesia and Brunei. Peninsular Malaysia stampsStraits Settlements stamps 1867 — 1946The real stamp history of Malaysia begins with the Straits Settlements, which was the name of a collection of British colonies in the area. The first Straits Settlements stamps were issued in 1867, when the colonies were finally under direct control of London, instead of Britain's office in Calcutta. These stamps were at first overprinted stamps of India (British East India); the overprints were a little crown and the stamp's value at the bottom. There were nine different...

Federated Malay States stamps

Stamps from the Federation of Malaya date from between 1900 and 1935. The Federation was comprised of four states that had to that point been issuing their own individual stamps: Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, and Selangor. When the Federation of Malaya was formed, the four states began using leftover stamps from Negri Sembilan, with overprints reading FEDERATED MALAY STATES. This lasted a very short time, however; soon, fully inscribed Federated Malay States stamps were designed and issued. It is both types that collectors, sellers, and buyers concentrate on these days, though the latter are more numerous and thus easily found. When the Federation of Malaya was dissolved in 1935, each of the four states began issuing its own individual stamps again. Note: See also the Federation of Malaya, a collection of nine states that issued stamps during its existence 1948-1963


Malaysia Straits Settlements stamps

The real stamp history of Malaysia begins with the Straits Settlements, which was the name of a collection of British colonies in the area. A political entity since 1826, the Straits Settlements saw its first issued stamps in 1867, when the colonies came under direct control of London, instead of Britain's office in Calcutta. The Malay name for the Straits Settlements was Negeri-negeri Selat, though English was used on stamps. Straits Settlements stamps begain as stamps of British East India with special overprints. The overprints showed a crown and a value, ranging from one-and-a-half cents to thirty-two cents. (There were nine different values in all.) Collectors of Indian, British, or Malaysian stamps often have some of these in their collections. The exclusive overprinted Indian stamp system didn't last too long in the Straits Settlements; right away (1867), the first stamps explicitly inscribed for the Straits Settlements were issued. Collectors have many varieties to choose from, since these stamps were issued up through the early 1940s. Later examples added the word MALAYA to the designs. If you are a collector of overprints, look for Straits Settlements stamps with overprints from Johore, Perak, Selangor, and Sungei Ujong. The Straits Settlements ceased to exist in 1946


Malaysian coins

Collecting and buying Malaysian coins generally includes collecting coins from the various states and areas that make up modern Malaysia but were separate in the past. Most collections begin no earlier than the 18th century, or 17th at the very earliest; the coins before the 1600s are just too rare for most to add to their collection. Individual Malaysian state coinageMost of the states that make up modern Malaysia were at one time separate entities with their own coinage. A brief history of each: Johore (a.k.a. Johor) Early Johore coins from the 17th century (going as far back as 1615) were generally octagonal with Arabic inscriptions, and date from the time when Johore was under the rule of nearby Aceh, Sumatra. Kedah Kedah coins from the 17th and 18th centuries exist but are quite rare; in fact, specific information as to the years of first issue of these coins is sketchy even to experts; the first known dates are in the very early years of the 18th century; these 1705 coins in the...

Malaysian batik

Batik, the striking method of wax-resistant dyeing cloth for clothing or decoration, originated in parts of Indonesia, but is widely practiced and popular in Malaysia. Malaysian batik is known for its depictions of plants — lushly colorful, with highly evocative and impressionistic patterns of leaves and stems. Birds and butterflies also appear on Malaysian batik, and some artists do landscape-type work on their batik. Malaysian batik has become important as a mode of dress in Malaysia. Although most of the population tends to wear either traditional (Indian or Muslim) clothing or typical Western fashions (jeans and t-shirts), batik clothing can be worn at more formal or celebratory occasions. Although batik originated elsewhere, its Malaysian form is quite revered and respected in its home country, and beloved by people all over the world for its beauty and even whimsy. Batik as decorationIn addition to its use in sarongs and other clothing, batik can be used purely as decorative...

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